Dolan Lexus is celebrating our 25th anniversary as a proud northern Nevada business. What a journey it has been!

We are so appreciative of those who have been a part of our story. From loyal customers and hard-working employees to our business partners and community members. For those of you that are new to the Dolan Lexus family, we would simply like to say, welcome! We are so happy to serve you and your family.

25 years ago, Dolan Lexus was located in a small building on Kietzke Lane in Reno NV. We slowly grew out of that space and transitioned to our Mill Street location; which now houses the internal reconditioning center. Before we knew it, we were ready to grow even more and open a brand new dealership!

In 2015, Dolan Lexus officially opened its doors at our current location on South Virginia Street. We are proud to say that our new Dolan Lexus facility is customer-centric in every way. When you walk through our doors, you will have an array of amenities and spaces at your disposal that have been designed to elevate your experience.

Our new showroom incorporates open space to talk and engage with our staff, and our Service and Parts Departments are extremely functional and run smoothly for your convenience. Upstairs you will find a full service, complimentary, coffee bar filled with local pastries, relaxing views and comfortable accommodations. Additionally, our business development center was created for customers who wish to work while they wait for their service to be completed.


One of our favorite spots in the new building happens to be our upstairs showroom which transforms into a beautiful and roomy event space for nonprofits and community partners. This space is a contribution to our community and those doing great work and fighting for worthy cause each and every day.

The Dolan Family was adamant about this space being included in our new build. Continuing on with our care for the community, we can and do host many events each year for nonprofits that otherwise could not afford a space to have fundraisers for their causes. It has been so much fun!

This building is our pride and joy and we look forward to you coming to see it person if you have not had a chance already! You will not be disappointed. 

Dolan Lexus

7175 South Virginia Street, Reno NV 89511 


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