Have you ever purchased a vehicle only to discover after the fact that the vehicle wasn’t everything you hoped and thought it would be? Unfortunately, this has happened to many drivers. This may not always be prevented, but having a vehicle history report may be helpful because it provides potential owners with valuable information. Stop at Dolan Lexus if you’re interested in getting a vehicle history report or want more information on VHRs. Here are just a few of the reasons why you need a vehicle history report.
  • Verification of mileage – Mileage is usually the first thing a potential buyer asks about. VHRs will provide you with the actual mileage on a vehicle.
  • History of damage – Any accidents or damage the vehicle has been through will be listed as well as the extent of the damage.
  • History of owners – The VHR shows everyone who has ever owned the vehicle and for how long.
If a vehicle history report indicates that your vehicle is in need of recall work, come to our Reno dealership and let us perform the recall work for you.


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