Our Dolan Lexus service department team recommends that you have your windshield wiper blades replaced every six months or at least once per year. Pick a milestone date, such as New Year's Eve or Groundhog Day or whenever you're due for seasonal tire rotations or an oil change.

Windshield wiper blades are crucial to preserving driver visibility, so their failure to work properly is literally in your face. Vertical, horizontal and undulating streaks as well as windshield wiper sound effects are hallmarks of wiper blade skipping, streaking and splitting. These are signs that your wiper blades need replacing. Friction and ultraviolet light are the main enemies of windshield wiper blades. So are oil, car waxes, debris, moisture and extreme temps. All of the above can cause the kind of breakage, erosion and brittleness that leads to windshield wiper blade failure.

Don't wait until you can't see through your windshield at all. Have your windshield wiper blades replaced before streaking and squeaking gets out of hand. Schedule service at our Reno, NV dealership today.


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